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 If you want to build your own budget low cost AR-15, you may save only $30-$50 over the price of a new complete gun. Where you really save the money is building a premium AR15 for under $800 that out-shoots high end $1,200 rifles! The $400 you save will buy a bunch of 5.56 (223 Remington) ammo!

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Full Auto Trick Spikes A3 Del-Ton Bushmaster Stag DPMS

CCWeapons Buy Low Cost AR-15 Build Parts Kit M4 Kit Accessories Uppers Stripped Lowers Complete Upper Receivers Complete Lower Furniture. PSA Premium M4 Palmetto State Kit Armory Spikes A3 Best kit Del-Ton nickle boron Bolt Carrier Group BCG Bushmaster dealer DPMS M16 Rock River Arms M4 Armalite low price Magpul Magazine 20 round 30 round 10 rnd Stag Arms dealer Smith and Wesson Sport. Discount Handguards A2 Stocks Grips Aero Anderson DSA Colt CMMG LMT DoubleStar Stag Magazines A2 Carry Handles flash hider Tripods Books Scopes Rifle Cases 5.56 223 Ammo Complete Guns For Sale. Affordable 223 Ammo 9mm 5.56-mm

My first build did work out really well. I really did not know what I was doing, but had a pretty good idea. I looked at about a hundred how-to videos on YouTube so I could start the project educated. My first attempt was on the cheap using a Del-Ton complete upper assymbly nitried and a stripped PSA M4 lower receiver and a Bravo Company Full Auto Bolt Carrier Group (BCG). Easy AR-15 full auto trick tip legal full auto how to bump fire. The handguard, stock, grip and all the lower hardware I did buy from several sources. What took the most time was putting together all the small components for the lower receiver. Aero Anderson DSA Colt CMMG LMT DoubleStar Stag It was like putting together a pocket watch from a pile of parts. It took me about three tries before it was right. The finished rifle shot good and was just as accurate as my Ruger Mini-14. I would compare the performance to a mid price DPMS Panther or Bushmaster rifle.

M4 Upper Receivers Stripped Lower Handguards Stocks Grips Magazines Rifle Cases Guns For Sale

My second M4 carbine build was a high quality premium rifle. This time I used Palmetto State Armory uppers with the chrome lined FN barrel and Spikes Tatical lowers. I was going to use the CMMG Upper, but I got a deal on the PSA. A premium 2 stage trigger kit helped with accuarcy. I used Coyote Tan Magpul furmiture and magazines. Make AR-15 full auto trick tip legal full auto how to When finished, it looked so cool and it was a tack driver. I was a very happy camper, plus I spent less than $800. Later I added a 3x9-40 scope so I could shoot varmints out past 300 yards using good handload 223 ammo. This is a carbine, not a heavy barrel bolt action rifle! I would compare my cheap Build to a premium Colt or Sig Rifle. It is that good!

Brands: YHM free float Barrel Nut Free YHM floating handguard aluminum AR-15 parts CMMG Receiver heavy CMMG chrome lined barrel Magpul Buttstocks CMMG Del-Ton DPMS Yankee Hill Machine BCA Bolt Carrier Group BCG Viking Tactics Surefire American Spirit Arms Gemtech Rock River Magpul magazine Barrels MOE PRS UBR Diamond Series front grips quad rails K B match grade carbine length mid-length 5.56, nato 6.8 spc wrench forward assist ejection port cover charge handle convert AR-15 full auto trick tip legal full auto how to Chrome bolt carrier group stainless bcg DPMS Panther Arms 20 round 30 round Tapco magazines 10 rnd Del-ton mil-spec Aero Precision API Double Star cheap lowers complete Tango Down Yankee Hill Machine Gear Sector Daniel Defense AR15 lowers Troy Industries Vltor Magpul GG & G, Rock River Arms low cost AR15 uppers receivers Ergo Grips Horus Vision Aimpoint EOTech Trijicon sights Nightforce Advanced Armament AWC UTG NcStar Command Arms Mako ATI Daniel Defense Tapco Elzetta Blackhawk Nikon Voodoo Tactical Stocks Rifle Scopes Flashlight Mount Quad Rail Muzzle Brake M-16 Bipod Scope Rings Sling Timmy triggers butt stock grip trigger kit LMT lower receiver kit lpk PSA BCG Spikes BCA Del-Ton Bushmaster DPMS Rock River Arms Aero Anderson DSA Colt CMMG LMT DoubleStar Stag collapsing Olympic Arms Bolt Carrier Group BCG assembly Buy Christmas Toys